Kids Yoga with Linda Wednesday 17.04.19 13-16 yrs

During the April School Holidays, Linda from LB Life will be teaching classes for kids.

Kids yoga and mindfulness is a fun and healthy way for children to explore their bodies and minds.

The benefits of yoga are:

• develop balance, strength and body awareness
• build toned and supple muscles
• understand the magic of their breath
• increase their concentration, focus and attention
• nurture their imagination and creativity
• build self-esteem and confidence in a non-competitive environment
• develop personal tools for stress management
• enjoy increased self awareness
• learn compassion and co-operation
• respect others and the environment
• learn basic anatomy and physiology

About Linda:

Linda Banning is compassionate, energised and has a passion for creating a more mindful existence for each of her students. She guides them on their journey, finding their strengths and overcoming their challenges through their asana practice. 

Linda has always lead an active lifestyle with a love for the ocean, land and nature which has guided her to receive an enriched and spiritual journey of Yoga. Through life experiences, faith and courage Linda grasped the realisation that the yoga mat was a place of comfort and the asana practice calmed the mind and conditioned the body all at once.

Linda aims to encourage and assist her students on their discovery of yoga. Where they will find peace, strength and flexibility, to create inner calmness by synchronising breath with movement.

Favourite Asana Pose:

Ardha Chandrasana Chapasana - Half Moon Bow Pose - I love feeling the strength of this pose while stretching the psoas and hip and opening the heart.

Date: 15th April 
Time: 9 - 10am
Cost: $15.00 per 1 hour class
Age range: 13-16 years old

Our class tickets are non refundable, but if you are aware you will be unable to attend, you may pass your ticket to someone else you wish to come in your place.

In the event you forget to come or you are unable to attend a class, the ticket is non transferable after the event.

We require a minimum attendance of 4 for the class to run.

Whilst arriving, attending and leaving the workshops or classes, it is your responsibility to ensure that you maintain and adhere to all safety precautions and requirements during the workshop. The Mindful Studio and the attending creatives and health practitioners hold no personal liability or responsibility for any damage, loss or theft incurred to personal property, or any physical injuries obtained during the workshop. By attending a workshop or class, you agree in holding full responsibility and liability for any damages, injuries to parties involved and physical and/or personal property that may occur during the workshop or class.