The store

Mindful & Co Cronulla is a store that showcases wellness and lifestyle gifts, apparel and homewares for the mindful consumer. These products encourage slow living and self-care practices to create an inspired and elevated life. The store focuses on natural and organic based ingredients and materials, sustainability, hand-made, fair trade and ethically produced products.  

Curated by Kathryn, a local Nutritionist who is passionate about holistic wellness, sustainable living and creating beautiful spaces. It's a blend of her experience in visual merchandising and retail as well as studies in business, marketing and nutritional medicine.

Mindful & Co - Co meaning Consumer and Community. Mindful & Co is a place where mindfulness or awareness about the holistic health of individuals, communities and the earth come together. 

Words from Kathryn

Mindful & Co is an opportunity for me to showcase the brands that inspire and excite me. I love connecting with like-minded local and international makers and I look forward to sharing the stories behind their brand with the new series M&Co: The Makers. I strive to seek out unique, exclusive brands and products for my customers that aren't readily available within NSW or Australia. 

I’m committed to creating a space that is an experience and offering goods that are beautiful, functional and true to the store and personal values. 


Community Workshops & Events

Mindful & Co is a resource of knowledge and sense of community by hosting workshops and events on nutrition, herbal medicine, meditation, mindfulness, art, craft and much more. 

If you would like to use the space for a collaboration, feel free to send Kathryn an email at